Design Automation


If your company designs the same product over and over that only changes by dimensions or features, your company can significantly reduced the design time by automating the process.   By implementing DriveWorks, key features, design rules, and tribal knowledge is captured during the implementation phase. 

After implementation, DriveWorks can vary multiple parameters such as length, width and height in DriveWorks so your company can create new designs quickly and economically. Interactive CAD’s skilled team of design automation programmers has the ability to develop software for the design of one part, and then alter the programs’ dimensions to design another part. 

Imagine how this kind of versatility and flexibility can reduce overall design time, increasing your manufacturing efficiency while saving you money. Despite the complexity of this process, Interactive CAD’s design automation programming is so simple to operate that a new employee can begin producing designs almost immediately. This operation is particularly appropriate to industries like power plants, offshore oil rigs, and consumer products where variations among similar products occur regularly. Governed by the tight standards of ANSI and ASME, Interactive CAD Solutions is comfortable working with most common file formats, including Cadkey, Inventor, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and many more that can be found in the table below. Additional services available include migration of your old data to new file formats and CAD customization (VB, C++).


DriveWorks Solo

Automation of a hydraulic cylinder.