Finite Element Analysis Services

 Finite element analysis services from Interactive CAD Solutions calculate component displacements, strains, and stresses under internal and external loads. Integrating finite element analysis into your design process eliminates the need for costly prototype development, saving both time and money.  

Interactive CAD features a wide range of finite element stress and strain analysis services, including static analysis which involves remote loads, load-to-face, mesh, stress, and displacement. Our Buckling analysis can be applied to columns while fatigue testing consists of multiple cycles to obtain parts failure point, while resonance tests are used to confirm the effects of vibration. 

Optimization analysis determines maximum part or assembly strength while minimizing its weight and volume. Macro and micro fractographic analysis as well as macrostructure and microstructure metallographic analysis can also be applied to parts and assemblies. Our sophisticated drop testing services will consider impact velocity and orientation upon impact of parts or assemblies. Interactive CAD provides a diagnosis of parts along with a full report and accompanying documentation, flow diagrams, engineering drawings and specifications, and a failure history with recommendations for failure prevention. All of Interactive CAD’s finite element analysis processes conform to stringent ANSI and ASME standards. 

Let Interactive CAD Solutions apply their finite element analysis services to your part or assembly to determine its safety and integrity.